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Product Description


Test ltem Specification
Character Colorless transparent liquid,slightly smelly.
Melting point -43 ℃
Boiling point 170℃
Rrelative density 0.9803
Refractive index 1.4216
Flash point 71 ℃

Dissolved with ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in water.


Main application
    The butyl lactate is used for the production of amino, Nitro paint solvents, also used in spices, resins, adhesives , etc.

    1).Used as a solvent for cellulose nitrate paint, printing ink, natural and synthetic resins. Also used in dry cleaning liquid,binder, anti-crust agent and spices. High boiling point solvent, used in natural resin, synthetic resin, paint, printing ink.
    2).Cosmetic solvents. It is mainly used as the main solvent of cosmetics such as nail polish. It has excellent solubility to nitrocellulose and other skin film forming agents, and it is usually necessary to add co-solvents to adjust the viscosity and volatilization rate.


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