Factory supply high purity 99.5%min Ethyl Formate CAS 109-94-4 with good price ethyl formate


Product introduction:

    Ethyl formate is an ester formed when ethanol (an alcohol) reacts with formic acid (a carboxylic acid). It is also known as ethyl methanoate because formic acid is also known as methanoic acid. Ethyl formate has the characteristic smell of rum and is also partially responsible for the flavor of raspberries. 


Physical parameters:

Test ltem Specification
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Purity ≥99%
Relative density(25/25℃) 0.916-0.921
Color(APHA) ≤10
Nonvolatile matter ≤0.02%
Free acid ≤0.15%
PH 4.6-4.8
Moisture ≤0.30%

    Ethyl Formate is a flavoring agent that occurs naturally in some plant oils, fruits, and juices but does not occur naturally in the ani- mal kingdom. it is used in food at a maximum level, as served, of 0.05% in baked goods; 0.04% in chewing gum, hard candy, and soft candy; 0.02% in frozen dairy desserts; 0.03% in gelatins, puddings, and fillings; and 0.01% in all other food categories.

    Ethyl formate is also used as a solvent for nitrocellulose; as fungicide and larvicide for tobacco, cereals, dried fruits, etc.; in organic synthesis.



    Ethyl Formate is used as the solvent of nitryl fibrin and cellulose acetate,the intermediate of Urea pyridine,Cytosine,Thymine in medicine,the germicide of tobacco,grain,broomcorn,also in food,tobacco,essence and so on.


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