Hot Selling High Quality 99% Ethyl valerate CAS 539-82-2 with Accept Sample Order


Product Description


Test ltem Specification
Purity ≥98%
Density(25/25℃) 0.873-0.875
Refractive index(20℃) 1.388-1.4004
AS ≤0.0002%
Heavy metal ≤0.001%
Acid value ≤1.0mg KOH/g
Solubility(25℃) Slightly soluble in water,soluble in ethanol and ether


Product Details
    Ethyl valerate has wide applications in the areas of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Ethyl valerate has a fruity odor suggestive of apple. Ethyl valerate is also known as the green apple flavor. Microwave spectrum of ethyl valerate, observed by molecular beam Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy, has been reported.


    Ethyl valerate is mainly used as a food flavored agent in cosmetics,flavouring essence,artificial marmalade,medicine,etc.

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