Manufacturer supply Food additives 99% Ethyl myristate CAS 124-06-1 Accept Sample Order



Item Specification
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Odor ≥Coconut and iris-like aroma
Purity 99%
Solubility in Alcohol(at 25℃) 1ml soluble in 1ml 95% ethanol
Relative density 0.857-0.862
Refractive Index 1.434-1.438
Acid Value(By KOH) ≤1.0



1). It can be used in daily chemical flavor, often used to prepare violet flavor, and is a good fixing agent, and can also be used in food flavor, wine flavor and tobacco flavor.

2). Often used in frozen dairy products, baked goods, puddings.

3). Ethyl myristate, also known as ethyl tetradecanoate, is a good fixing agent and can also be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.


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