Manufacturer supply good quality Ethyl L-lactate CAS 687-47-8/L-Ethyl Lactate


Product Description:
        Ethyl L-lactate is used in the preparation of food additives, aryl aldimines, fragrances and in pharmaceutical preparations. It can be considered as a green solvent in chemical industries due to its biodegradable nature. As a solvent, it used in the production of nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate and cellulose ethers.


    Ethyl L-lactate is non-toxic,is good at solubility and has a fruity aroma,it can be used as “green solvents” to replace the toxic solvents which are widely used in industry now,such as halogenated class,ethers,fluorocarbon type,it is used for the precision instruments and oilfield pipes cleaning,and the dissolution of cellulose polymers.

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