High purity 99.5% Liquid Fragrance Undecan-4-olide CAS 104-67-6 Accept Sample Order


Product Description


Index items(based on dry basis) Index(%)
Content(based on Mn) ≥43.5
Sulphate(based on SO4) ≤0.7
Chloride(based on Cl) ≤0.03
Heavy metal(based on Pb) ≤0.002
Cadmium (based on Cd) ≤0.0005
Arsenic(As) ≤0.0005
Insoluble substance in HNO3 ≤0.03
Fluoride(F) ≤0.01



1) Peach aldehyde is an important spice, often used in food, beverage, flavor and cosmetics and other fields, to increase the aroma and flavor of products.

2). The aromatic flavor of peach aldehyde makes it also widely used in the aroma of cigarettes and perfumes.


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